Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another New Set to Showcase!

Good morning everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend! My husband's birthday is on Monday so I wanted to do something to surprise him over the weekend. I hired my niece to babysit the kids overnight. Then I reserved us a place at a local B&B. I got steaks and stuff to BBQ. Then Friday morning I left him with a note and a gift to open. The gift was a stuffed bear (from the $1 store) and he was wearing a cowboy hat and boots. That was his hint (the B&B was a "Ranch"). The note told him to make sure the bedding was washed (so my niece would have fresh bedding) and to pack a suitcase. That's all the clues he got. I worked half a day and then came home and whisked him off to the B&B. I think it was just what we BOTH needed! A break from the kids, some relaxing downtime, etc. I was kind of bummed because the jacuzzi was broken and that was one of the reasons I chose the place. But it all worked out. They had a pool table outside and we played pool. We BBQ'ed our dinner. Walked down and petted the horses. Sat on the back patio and watched the sun set. Etc.

When I got home yesterday I had to work for a few hours and then I got caught up on some image swaps. And today I'm stamping with a friend...and tomorrow it's back to work.

Anyways, without further are a couple samples of another new set from Clear Dollar Stamps. This set is called Spread Your Wings.

I really like how the SB page turned out. It'd be cute for a little one's kindergarten graduation. to go get dressed and do MORE stamping!



Tickle Me Pink said...

Love your showcases! These are so fun :D I've just gotten an owl set, they seem to be so in right now, but have yet to play with it. I think I'm going to have to break it out now and see what I can do ^_~

catt871 said...

Uh ohhh, another great set coming!!! These are both great!!!! TFS!!

Littlekel90 said...

What a nice surprise for your husband. I loved the teddy bear hint, and sounds like you had a great time, so relaxing. Sounds nice to me as well.

Love your showcases, and the reverse masking on the bird looks GREAT! :) Kelly