Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They're HERE!

Oh wow, the new sets are posted on Clear Dollar Stamp's website. I feel like a celebrity! :-)

A few more things to share (as if you aren't already sold on these sets!)

This one once again uses the Wagon Wishes set and Fresh From the Farm. Also (not that you can tell it from the picture) - but I used the little individual watermelon stamp all over the background pink color. It's tone on tone so it's hard to see in the picture.

And using mostly the same sets, I made this scrapbook page.

It also uses Wagon Wishes, Fresh From the Farm, and also uses Cocoa (the single dog).

Ok...off to work with me. I have this creeping crud that's going around and I feel like I'm dragging. Kept waking myself up wheezing last night. It wasn't so much that I was uncomfortable...it was that I'm used to listening subconsciously for wheezing (my oldest son has asthma). So it was just hearing it that would wake me up. Ugh.

Have a great day everyone!



Seleise said...

too cute! love the little puppy and wagon of puppies on the recipe card! how fun for you, Jane!!! Congrats!

Marcia said...

Jane, love them. The last few stamps you have showcased, I have fallen in love with.

I have nominated you for an award on my blog - www.thestampspot.blogspot.com

Hop on over and see.


Concetta said...

What adorable puppies! I love what you did with them, especially the recipe.

Tickle Me Pink said...

You card is so sweet! I really love the recipe card! Those puppies are just the cutest things! Love them all in that wagon ^_~