Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rattlesnake Cave

Today my hubby informed me that we were going to take the boys and go for a little hike. Sad thing that it was a relatively little hike and yet I felt like I was ready to die. There are days I really hate myself and my inability to control my weight. Today is one of those days. Argh! Anyways, I didn't die and I DID get some good pictures. So thought I'd share them here!

Trail up to the cave

Looking in to the cave

Looking UP inside the cave

Both Mario and Dakota inside the cave (had to use the flash...tried it without the flash and ended up with two bright spots but no faces)

Me and the boys inside the cave

Mario and Mom coming through the channel between the two caves

Mario and Dakota outside - on top of the world!

Dakota on top of a rock (I was inside the cave taking the picture looking up at him). Made the lighting difficult.

I think that's most of the decent photos. Hope you enjoyed them! I don't think I'll share the one of the EMT's when they had to come pick me up after I had a heart attack! ;-) LOL.



Littlekel90 said...

Gorgeous pictures, Jane! I love them all! I can totally relate about the walking, weight and a possible heart attack. I just started walking again this past week with my neighbor who IS a paramedic. LOL I told her the first day, I think I might have a heart attack. I am so out of shape. We laughed about it a bit and joked about what she should do, but I was talking almost the whole time I was walking, so I guess that didn't help me to catch my breath. Just had to give you a little chuckle. Keep at it, girl. We will be out hiking or out walking our boys if we keep it up. *wink* Kel

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Seleise said...

great pictures!!! looks like a beautiful place to hike!

Concetta said...

Where is this, looks like a bunch of fun!