Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Little Blog Candy

I've been feeling very bummed this week. Haven't even made any cards to speak of. So, to make myself feel better I decided retail therapy was in order. I have a savings account that is inheritance money from my folks. In general I try not to use it unless absolutely necessary. But yesterday I thought, "You know what, my Mom would want me to splurge once in awhile". (When she was alive she used to send me a $20 every once in awhile and tell me to go out and buy something for ME and not to spend it on the family expenses.) So I pulled $100 out of savings and headed to Joann's AND Michael's.

I bought a total of 2 larger ticket items, 2 medium size items, and 2 small items. YOU have to guess what I bought! If I've already told you then you can't guess (Concetta!) Also, as a hint, I came home with $10 - so everything I bought was $90. But everything I bought was on sale for at least 40% off (some was 50%). So those are your hints.

The person who gets the most # of guesses right will win an envelope of stamped images and a card made by me!



Liane said...

Hey Jane! OK, I am guessing you got one storage item, one cricut cartridge, one punch, the cropadile, a little bag of brads, and a little bag of jewels! Hehehe. I am glad you had fun shopping! L

catt871 said...

Retail therapy is the BEST!!!! I hope you are feeling better!!!

I think you bought 2 Cuttlebug folders, an organizer bag, an embellishment shelf, and 2 spools of ribbon!

(I can't believe I'm first!!!)
SBS4 sister

Jan Scholl said...

you got an iris type cart-those that were on sale with pull out drawers and dividers. you got a nice pad of paper from the art department on clearance. a package of glue dots, two spools of the ribbon that was like 2/1.00 and you used a coupon to buy a stamp set. also a cricut cartridge as they were like 40 this week. so, 35 for the cart, 40 for the cartride, glue dots were 3, 1.00 for the ribbon-7 for the stamp set and then the other was a sticker sheet.

Anonymous said...

I think you got a Cuttlebug, a couple of folders for it, some paper, and some ribbon.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Marcia said...

Jane - you go girl. I'll have a crack at this, even though I have no idea what they sell at these stores!

Cuttlebug folder or die, a punch, something for storage, some ribbon, some printed papers, some chipboard, oh and of course, some stamps!

Have a great weekend, Marcia

Seleise said...

good for you, Jane! And, what a nice memory to share about your mom! I think you bought a 2 paper packs, 2 punches and 2 packs of stickers. But, whatever you got - have fun!

Kristine said...

Hee fun! I'm guessing it WASN"T a Cricut--cause those are waay expensive, :D I don't even have a chance at guessing right, so I won't try. But CONGRATS on your spending spree. That's always really great feeling--ENJOY!! :D

Linda SS said...

I don't remember too much being on sale this week other than Sizzix. Did you get a Big Shot? I'll guess that, some dies to go with it, an alphabet set, stamps, and a book of paper.