Monday, April 14, 2008

A Missile Silo in the Desert

Yesterday, we had another family outing. My husband had been out here before but when he went the hatch was still sealed. Someone managed to get it open somehow (it wasn't us). My husband went down until it was too dark to see - next time we'll know to take a flashlight. The rest of the area is sealed with concrete. Apparently the area we live in used to have a fair amount of missile silos. The military has long ago pulled out and sealed most of it up. Anyways, here are some pictures of yesterday.

Mario and Dakota at the entrance hatch

My husband going down the hatch

Can you still see my husband???

What is this? There were two of them. Two "holes" in each that were sealed with concrete. My dh thinks one was for the missile the other was for exhaust? There was also a couple huge concrete pads with almost nonexistent black/yellow markings.

Dakota in the desert

Mario in the desert

My PT Cruiser in the desert! Looks like an ad...the flames on the side in the hot desert! ;-)

That's it for photos from yesterday. I should go get ready for work. I did get two more cards finished yesterday (one of which is "sharable" right now). I also took a picture of my new we'll find our winner of the blog candy this week. If you haven't entered...see two posts below!



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yes, great photos and intersting to find those "holes"