Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monkey Love

I am trying to get myself back into stamping after taking a brief break (well...maybe not so brief...sorry about that!). Whenever I am looking for inspiration I start with a sketch. The first place I look for sketches? Splitcoast. They post a new sketch every Wednesday and you can use the current sketch or an old sketch. This sketch (#261) is from a couple weeks ago...

I flipped the sketch and then used my changito stamp to come up with this card:

I love my changitos...except I've noticed the newer changitos are chubbier. I wonder if they now have a different artist? Or if the artist just decided they liked them better chubbier? Hmm...I like them better the old way.

Tomorrow I am driving to Phoenix to meet my new boss. Yep, have a job and have yet to actually MEET anyone! Isn't the world of technology amazing? In some ways I find that scary. By the time my kids reach adulthood...are they going to just stay in their houses 24/7? You can order pizza, groceries, clothes, etc all via the internet. Now you can also work a lot of jobs remotely. As much as the flexibility is nice, I do miss the interaction with coworkers and can't image never having had that experience. I don't know...just seems like too much of today's world is 'virtual' and I wonder what the future holds.

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