Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Week at New Job

Guess what I've accomplished this week since starting my new job?

Did a zillion loads of laundry
Did a zillion loads of dishes
Cleaned toilets in both bathrooms
Started reorganizing bedroom to make space for a small desk
Read two books and started a third (Janet Evanovich)
Went for a mile walk
Started Weight Watchers
And did this...

I think the dogs ate one of the pieces because it's a brand new puzzle. Either that or $1 store puzzles come with missing pieces! LOL.

I am waiting for my company laptop to be delivered. Until that happens I can't do much actual work. I did have a team meeting via telephone and filled out some HR paperwork. They hope to have me set up to do some of the trainings next week that I can do with my home computer. But actual work has to be done with their hardware.

So I am sticking close to home (or trying to) in case the man in brown shows up and trying to stay busy doing housework/organizing/etc at the same time. I am already feeling a little stircrazy so have gone out to lunch a couple times this week with friends to get some adult interaction.


Seleise said...

I hate when a puzzle piece goes missing. so frustrating. love doing puzzles though. Good luck with your new job! Sounds intriguing!

Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Sounds as though you are achieveing heaps Jane. Good for you !!!