Sunday, March 23, 2008

Top Secret Work in Progress!

I received my first order as part of the Clear Dollar Stamps Design Team. I've been madly creating this weekend...but I can't share with you just yet. These are new, never seen stamp sets. So I can't share until closer to their release date. (April 1st)

The local scrapbook store that I design for is going out of business. They sent us an email to come pick up our last designs. I'm not entirely surprised that they are closing. They were a pretty good store but I always found it difficult to find what I wanted in there. I'd go in and come out empty handed often. I think the owners were in poor health as well which probably accounts for part of the decision to close the store.

Well, just wanted to drop in and say I haven't forgotten about all my loyal readers! I will be posting new stuff as soon as I can.


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