Saturday, March 13, 2010

Things to Do Before I Die

Ended up making chicken nuggets and tator tots for dinner. But not store bought nuggets (does that at least get me some brownie points?) It was either that or I could have made homemade pizza...but since we had pizza a couple nights ago I didn't want to do that again. Everything else I seemed to be missing at least one ingredient on OR I didn't have enough for everyone (the boys have a friend spending the night again). So nuggets and tator tots it became (and even then I didn't eat any because it was only enough for them). Gotta go grocery shopping tomorrow!

In the meantime...I started to make a list of things I want to do before I die. I actually started a scrapbook at some point with this general idea but I don't even know where it ended up. And I have accomplished a few things from the original scrapbook (ie...seeing a panda bear, learning to sew). But these are new. Enjoy!

Things To Do Before I Die:

Visit all of the states
Visit New Zealand or Austrailia
Lose weight and become healthier
Participate on a softball team again
Complete a full marathon (have already done a half)
Have 'artistic photo' taken (ie nekkid but tasteful)
Pay for a meal for an elderly person
Spend a day on the beach
Write a book
Build a savings cushion
Pay off all outstanding debt
Buy a house of my own
Put overdraft on checking account (done)
Start a savings account for kids' education
Learn to country dance
Learn to jitterbug
Take a cooking class
Make fortune cookies
Bake a perfect cheesecake
Fry perfect chicken
Learn to pitch a tent and camp
Get my MBA degree
Take belly dancing class
Take a cruise
Ride on a train (Durango?)
Try skiing again
Learn to snorkel
Take a hot air balloon ride
Make a donation quilt for someone in need
Become a regular volunteer
Learn to play guitar and/or piano
Learn to crochet
Grow roses (without killing them!)
Write a will
Prepay/plan funeral
Take a spontaneous road trip
Learn to say 'yes' (learn to not be afraid of trying new things)
Learn to say 'no' (learn it's ok to set boundries)
Become my own best friend
Go to a movie by myself
Learn to have positive self talk
Put change into someone else's meter when it's close to running out
Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru
Adopt a family for the holidays
Learn to ride a motorcycle (streetbike not a dirtbike)
See a psychic for a reading
Go on a first date post divorce
Establish an extended family of friends
Make enough of a difference to know I'll be missed
Get my CCW permit
Live in a real house (not a modular home)
Own new bedroom set/living room furniture (always buy used)
Own a car with less than 10,000 miles on it

Ok...I guess I'm back to decluttering and reading my new book. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Katie and Ferenc said...

Some of those are on my list too! I love adding to the list and when Ferenc read it he learned that I'm crazy!

Sounds like fun!

Trina Leeson said...

Yes visit New Zealand!! You will love it (I am a NZer) I live in Christchurch (South Island) It is a great place to escape and unwind, you will love it :)