Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Scrapbook Pics

Here are some of the pictures I promised this morning. I just took a few representative photos from each album (actually couldn't find my Mom's's hidden in a SAFE place...LOL). You'll notice I decided to stick with a color scheme for each album. I think that helps keep the perspective on the photos and the memories and creates continuity.

The first two are of my daughter Amber. If you click on the photos they will get bigger. My daughters were part of a set of triplets born too early at 25 weeks. One page contains a quote that someone sent me and it touched me. The other page is the first time I saw/touched her.

The next two are of my daughter Cheyenne. One is her two week "birthday". The card is a 3x5 index card (if that gives you size perspective). The other page is a letter I wrote to her after she'd passed away.

And then we are on to my Dad's memorial album. I did a few unique things you'll notice on some of these pages. For example, they gave me some of the shells from the gun volley. I took these in to the copy place and had them color copied to put into the album (yes, they thought I was crazy...but I didn't care! LOL!) I also looked up the history of each part of the military burial and included the meaning for each part along with the pictures. I also carried the theme through with the red/white/blue colors...and included sanding so that the colors were muted on the cardstocks. This uses a kit from Close To My Heart for the base pages.

I already have something special planned for make sure you come back! I'm going to try and post SOMETHING every day (whether it be a new project or some general ramblings of a crazy woman! LOL!)


Marie said...

These pages are beautiful. What a wonderful preservation of memories. TFS!

Anonymous said...


Your girls pages are absolutely beautiful, and they also broke my heart. At least you were blessed with their presence for the time you did have with them.

I wish I could do work like that though, I don't have a creative scrapbooking bone in my body, lol! Maybe that's why I stick to cardmaking, heehee!