Friday, April 9, 2010

Whoo Hooo!

I am going to toot my own horn here. About 3 months ago I went to the doctor. She had tested my vitamin D levels and said I was deficient and to start taking a supplement. She also suggested I try to lose some weight (no big surprise at that suggestion! LOL!)

With everything going on in my personal life I didn't have the energy to try and do the full 'weight loss mode' thing. But I did decide to try and eat healthier. Cutting out most sweets and most soda (limiting it to my morning caffeine). I've also started walking and joined a gym.

So, yesterday was my follow up appointment. According to my home scale I'd lost 10 pounds. So I was happy when their scale actually said 16 pounds. She retested the vitamin D levels and they've dropped even further. So now she has me on a prescribed dose to try and get it up in the normal range. One of the effects of vitamin D deficiency is lack of energy and signs of depression. So hopefully once we get the levels up maybe I'll have more energy to go work out at the gym and lose more weight! :-)


Seleise said...

good job on eating healthier! I need to follow your lead. good luck getting the vitamin D back in check!

Jamie said...

Wow Jane this is awesome! You have inspired me. I am proud of you!