Monday, April 26, 2010

I think I'll hang on to you!

I have a lot to share this week. I went on a bit of a cardmaking spree. And I have some other pics to share as well.

So first of all, let me share a card to get the ball rolling...

On the inside of the card it says: "I think I'll hold on to you".

This is a Stampendous Changito stamp...I think it came out around Father's Day time. I don't own it, but was lucky enough to have someone send me some images. It's SO cute! I colored it in using prismacolor pencils and odorless mineral spirits. I love how the jeans look worn. To do that I only put color around the edges and blended towards the middle leaving the middle lighter. Here's a close up of the image.

On the personal front...I thought I'd show you what my Friday night was like. Take two boys, add a friend, two bedrooms across from each other, and MANY blankets/towels/etc later and this is what you get.

See the "firetruck"? It is the bridge between the two bedrooms. They can enter the 'fort' from either bedroom. The second bedroom has most of the fort in it.

And here you can see just a TINY bit of the corner of the firetruck and then the rest of the fort in the second bedroom:

It seems every weekend (and many weeknights) I end up with at least 1 if not 2 extra kids. Most the time I don't mind. But lately, I swear they are eating me out of house and home. Don't other people feed their kids? Or is it just that my food tastes so much better? The neighbor girl was telling my youngest son how lucky they were because I buy good food and I don't make them clean the house. I keep telling my kids they are spoiled but they don't believe me (of course).

Today I am off to the pet store to get baby crickets for the lizards the kids caught. Super mom to the rescue! LOL.