Friday, May 22, 2009

Graduation Cap Card

I made this adorable card for my bosses daughter for graduation. I eventually added a tassel as well...but it's MIA in the picture. I had to wait till I went to Michael's to get embroidery floss to finish it...and by then I didn't have my camera. So...just imagine it with a tassel! :-O

Also, this was designed as a gift card holder. The gift card was supposed to tuck into the was supposed to be attached to the piece of white paper and the paper was supposed to be attached to the top of the card. So...when you opened the card the gift card 'popped out' of the pocket. I don't know her well enough (or have the excess cash) lying around for a gift I stuck with just using it as a pocket card and put my note in there.

Gotta run...going to be late for work!



Widdle Shamrock said...

What a clever idea !!!!!!

Seleise said...

very creative! love this idea!

Concetta said...

This came out awesome! I LOVE IT! I am looking forward to lunch and quilting with you tomorrow:)