Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Sketch Challenge

When I need inspiration...I almost always head off to find a sketch. Beate, over at Fresh and Fun, posts a new weekend sketch challenge each weekend. I like hers because they generally don't have TOO many layers. I'm layered challenged. Don't ask me to mix and match too many papers! LOL.

Anyways, this card was inspired by this weekend's sketch challenge.

If you look'll see my boo boo. On the right side of the card when I put the card front on, there was a bit of white still showing of the card front. So I tried to trim it, but then the card was uneven. So then I trimmed some more...till it was even...but then the edge isn't as wide as the others. Sigh. Also, not sure if I want to add a single brad to the top left or not. Seems a little bottom right heavy. Thoughts?

On a totally unrelated note - yesterday was my lucky day. On Friday my car had stalled so I had plans to take it to the mechanic on Saturday. We live in the boonies and in an effort to not come to a complete stop (and have the car potentially stall on the way to the mechanic) I did kind of a rolling stop at the stop sign. You can easily see beforehand and make sure noone is coming. Well, what I didn't see was the Sheriff coming from the other direction. Oh...and for a change I did NOT have my seatbelt on either. I see him start to flip a U-turn behind me so I immediately grab my seatbelt and fasten it on while he's turning around. He pulls me over and asks me if I know why he pulled me over. I fessed up. He said as long as everything checked out he'd let me off with a warning. He asked for insurance (which of course I couldn't find a current one but I have insurance). He went back and ran my information. He came back and told me that he could ticket me for the insurance but he wasn't going to, he told me that he was going to ticket me for not wearing a seatbelt...but my seatbelt was the same color as my shirt and he must have missed seeing it...and he let me off on the rolling stop. Whew. Drove away with NO tickets! :-) What I'd like to when did they start accepting high school kids into the Sheriff's department? I used to shit my pants any time a cop pulled me over...but it's hard to get scared of a kid who looks like he should still be in high school! LOL. They don't instill that basic sense of fear that a veteran officer does.

Anyways, that's my exciting weekend. They didn't find anything wrong with the car. So I guess I just drive it and pray it doesn't stall any more. Not good when I drive 2 1/2 hours a day. Maybe it is time to get AAA. I have towing on my insurance but I have to pay for that up front and wait for them to reimburse me.

Hope all is doing well.

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