Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Endeavor

I spent this past weekend at a quilting retreat. I sewed from 2pm till 10pm on Friday, 8am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday and from 8:00am to noon on Monday. I went through 3 spools of thread (considering I'd never used a complete spool yet...to go through 3 amazed me).

The ONLY thing I completely finished was a tote bag. Needless to say, I am really REALLY proud of this bag! LOL. I had picked up the pattern at a recent quilt show. It LOOKED easy and I thought it'd be a nice quick project for the retreat.

Well, quick turned into an ALL day project on Sunday. If I did it again it'd be much quicker, but the instructions weren't very clear and there were no pictures to help. At one point I was ready to cry (after I realized I sewed the handles on incorrectly...and I'd sewed them on REALLY well and was going to have to rip them out). Instead I started laughing and I laughed till I cried...and got the other lady at the table laughing as well. We were rolling around and couldn't stop. But the bag is FINISHED.

I also started working on another quilt. This one has 120 blocks to it and on 60 of those blocks I had to sew white strips on all four sides. I spent Friday and Saturday on it - then Sunday took a break from it because I was sick of it and thought I'd work on my EASY bag (so NOT). On Monday I laid it all out, pinned it, and got the first three rows sewed together before we had to pack up. So it's in the works.

A very productive weekend and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, at some point you HAVE to come home. They have another retreat in March and I can't wait to go have more fun. :-)


Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Jane that is so BEAUTIFUL !!!!

What a lovely way to spend your weekend.

Linda said...


I still need to finish the quilt I started...I have to add the backing and um actually quilt it. the problem, I am scared! Very scared. So, I haven't done anything.