Sunday, August 9, 2009

Going to be MIA for a Bit

I have spent all weekend trying to move (and in the process) declutter my scrap/stamp room. So...if you don't hear from's because I'm buried under a stack of 12x12 papers and can't get up! LOL.

Seriously, I do have a few items for sale...

- An ATG Gun (Scotch ATG 752) Older but works fine.
- Sizzix Machine (would be heavy to ship)
- Sizzlet Machine w/alphabet set (would be heavy to ship)
- Fastenator and 2 packs of staples to go with it

In addition I've thrown out 2 boxes of stuff, and boxed up 2 boxes of stuff to give away to friends. And I'm STILL not sure I can make everything fit into my new alloted space! (A bookcase and three iris carts).

Wish me luck!



Seleise said...

we'll send out a search team if you don't emerge soon from your organizing! lol! have fun getting everything pulled together! it's hard to toss but afterwards you'll feel great! Good luck! said...

Jane..good luck on the move. I've done it many times. Thanks for the comments on my blog and the staples are that color. (Bought previously from TAC by memory makers)

Sparkle said...

Don't get too buried under the paper!