Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Scrapbook Pages

I have spent the better part of two weekends and I'm STILL not finished. How much stuff can there possibly be??? Well, I spent most all of today organizing PAPER. Good grief! :-) But it is slowly taking shape.

I haven't managed to make any new cards to share - so instead decided to share some scrapbook pages that I found while cleaning. These were probably completed at the last scrapbooking retreat I went to...I don't think I've scrapbooked since then. (Linda...if you are reading this tell Stacey she HAS to start having Scrap Camp again or my poor children's lives will NEVER be documented via scrapbook pages...cause it seems like those retreats are the only time I get anything done! LOL.)

Anyways, here are a couple pages to share. We'd taken the boys to San Diego. I had the pictures developed in both black and white and color. I really like the black and white. And for just a little "pop" I "spotlighted" the boys with the color photo on the second page.

Hope you liked the pages. I have more to share - so come back and visit!

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Kristine said...

Oh, that is way cool how you framed the boys heads in color and the rest in b/w! :) LOVE this page!