Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No stamping...

I really wanted to do some stamping today...but got sidetracked. Instead I spent the afternoon/evening baking cookies. I now have a plethora of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies...but no cards to share. :-( I did spend a little time weeding through my old stamp sets and cleaning out some of the ones I no longer use. When I first started stamping my style was totally different than what it is now. So far ALL I've gone through is stamps and I already have a box of stuff to give away...and you can't even tell by looking in my stamping sad is that? :-)

This Saturday I am getting together with a couple friends and we are going to make a quilt. I picked up my fabric Monday night. I'm still not sure I'm thrilled with my choices but it'll do. I'm definately going to need to find a cheaper way to quilt if I'm going to keep at this. Anyone have any tips on that? Favorite online stores? Coupons for Joann's? That sort of stuff.

Ok...I'm tuckered out. Hope everyone is doing well...and I will try to find some time to make a few cards this weekend. It's just been crazy busy lately.


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