Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What I create when my mojo is gone AWOL!

These are the latest two cards I've created. The first one is SUPER simple. I was just trying to get stamping again. I used a sketch from a blog called Clean and Simple. I like the cards they made with the sketch....not so much mine! LOL. Actually it isn't horrible...but it certainly doesn't fulfill my creative mojo expectations! :-)

Here is the first card I made:

Then I decided to use a different sketch from the same site. The idea is to stamp in threes. Recently I received a stamp set from Clear Dollar Stamps and the cards used on this set are from that set. I actually do like this card...a little on the simple side...but sometimes simple is good. This would be easy to replicate for a set of notecards. To get the images lined up I actually used my paper trimmer! I put my paper in the trimmer but mainly used the ruler on the trimmer (I just didn't have a ruler). I stamped the middle image first and then went the same distance either direction and stamped the other cupcake. They are colored with copics and then covered in stickles glitter.

Tomorrow my son gets his cast off! I can't believe he will heal in 4 weeks time but I guess the doctor should know. We are fighting the insurance company. We pay $1,000 a month in premiums and the insurance is CRAPPY. We went to the first ER and paid our $150 copay. They were unable to fix his arm and transferred him to another hospital that had a pediatric ER. We were transferred there and a pediatric orthopedic surgeon inserted two pins in his arm and cast him. It is my argument that this should all be part of the $150 copay. We didn't choose to take him elsewhere...the facility was unable to fix it. But the second hospital billed it as an outpatient surgery (not an ER visit) and therefore the insurance is saying we owe a $2,000 deductible before they will kick in. Argh. I'm so glad I've paid over $10,000 so far this year for health coverage...yet they can't cover a $1,600 arm fix.

I've spent the last week just feeling very depressed over the situation. Not so much the $$ but the idea of never getting ahead. I worked hard all year at work, got a whopping 4% raise (the max we can get) and now that will all go towards a broken arm because my son played on the monkey bars! It just feels like whenever I take one step forward I get knocked two steps back.

Anyways, that is part of the reason I've been AWOL. Been dealing with some personal stuff.

Have a great day all!



Teresa Brooks said...

Your cards are soooo cute. I know excactly how your feeling, I've been AWOL too. Maybe part of it is the weather (LOL). But that's ok, everyone deserves time out. Your work is beautiful.

Seleise said...

First - HUGS to you! Second, I love the simplicity of the cards and the colors. that pink and brown combo is fabulous! And, love the cuttlebug swiss dots layer.

Littlekel90 said...

I love both of these cards!! I think the first is nice and simplistic as a one layer, and the three cupcakes . . . well, who doesn't love cupcakes?! :D Really they are very nice cards! I don't blame you for being pissed about the ER visits. I think the one copay should cover them both as well. Did you try talking to the billing office of the second ER? They may resubmit it for you so your insurance covers it. *shrug* just a thought but it wouldn't hurt to ask, right? Kel

Rose Ann said...

Both of these are really cute, Jane!!

Marcia P said...

Jane, I like your second card best too, I love the simplicity of it.

It's a shame things have turned out the way they have, I think it stinks when insurance get away with things like that. Hope it gets sorted soon for you, as nothing worse.

Take care
:) Marcia

Deb said...

love the card, the colours are beautiful. sorry to hear about your troubles with the insurance, that is so unfair!

Jovita said...

Ah Jane both cards are wonderful, I particularly like clean and simple cards, and pink and brown is also one of my favorite combos. I especially like the cupcake card... it's yummy!

I'm sorry to read that you've been feeling depressed, hopefully everything will get worked out with your insurance. Jovi

Kelly S said...

Jane I am so sorry to hear about the insurance issues. Ouch! I really hope they get it all cleared up soon. Take care.

~KRISTY~ said...