Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ms. Sophie

Nothing stamping related to share today. I went searching in my pictures folder and found this picture of Sophie that I'm sure I haven't shared yet. So, in lieu of a get to see my sweetie.

A few years ago we had to put down our only dog (a little Shih Tzu). After a few months I told my husband that I really would like to find another SMALL indoor dog. Well, someone he knew was getting rid of a "medium" size dog. He'd already stopped by to see her once and thought she was probably larger than I wanted (duh!) but then he went by again and took the kids with him. Now how could I say no to him AND the kids? So...Sophie came home with us. She is a german shepherd/chow mix. She's a BIG dog. But she is such a sweetie and so well behaved. I'm sure that the "well behaved" came at a cost to her. She was very much abused in her early life. The people WE got her from had pictures of when she had first come to her house. The previous owners had pour hot tar on her. And I'm sure they beat her for going near garbage, or coming into tiled areas. There are lots of things she's very skittish about. I swear there is a human inside her. She looks like she can talk and her eyes and face is just so gosh darn adorable. Now I can't imagine my life without her.

Since then we have picked up another shih-tzu and I'm on the search for ANOTHER shih-tzu (I love the breed) but Sophie is my "lover girl". For how large she is (compared to the shih tzu) they get along great. They play and growl and chase each other around like puppies. It's funny because she is SO big in comparison but she's so very gentle with him. And even when it comes to food...she is the submissive one. She's never been agressive.

Well, I shouldn't say "never". She's agressive towards strange men in our house (like repair men and such). Which is just fine with me. I always let them know I have to lock the dog up. Bet they never think twice about coming back uninvited! LOL.

Ok...gotta run off to work. I'm sorry I'm not sharing much this week. I'm busy trying to get some Design Team work done. Plus this time of year I'm not feeling overly creative (This is the time of year that my daughters and Dad in June, one in July, and one in August).

I promise I will eventually get back to posting more often. Towards the end of the month I will be able to start sharing all the DT stuff I've been working on.



Liane said...

Cute baby! I am like you, but with my pekingese.... just love the breed, they make me happy.

Widdle Shamrock said...

Cute dogs, we have Jack Russells and they are so naughty !!!

Hugs, yep. That time of year.

Much love.