Monday, June 21, 2010

Which fabric?

I've finished my table runner. Of course once it's sewn together you notice all the things you missed. But I am NOT ripping out my stitches and starting over. I did my best not to get any two colors next to each other/etc and yet once it's sewn together I find at least 3 places so far where like colors are next to each other. Argh! ;-P

Now I am trying to decide on a backing fabric. Here is part of the table runner, layed on top of the two fabrics with a little of the binding fabric showing at the top of the runner so you can take that into account as well.

Thoughts/opinions? The one on the left is less busy and has dark and light browns in in. The one on the right has different browns/reds but is busy and is very 'fall leafy' and most of the fabrics on the runner are floral with leaves that aren't similar.

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Susan B in California said...

The one on the right, definitely. The one on the left leans too much to the cool side of brown. The warmer fabric on the right just feels better to me.