Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Yummies!

This past weekend I decided to try to make something new, something I've never made before (and I do quite a bit of baking). I decided I wanted to make caramel corn. So, the first thing I did was went to my favorite cooking/recipe site, and typed in Caramel Corn. I decided on a recipe which calls for stovetop and oven usage (there was a similar one for microwave but my microwave is cooking funny these days so I opted for the more old fashioned way). Then I went to work in the kitchen.

Doesn't this look yummy?

Well, I can tell you it IS yummy and it was easy! I think this will be the Christmas gifts for teachers/coworkers this year. I just need to go to the Dollar Store and get a bunch of smaller inexpensive containers to put another batch or two in. I took two containers to work and left two containers here at the house. And the two at work are GONE (were within 4 hours) and there is about half of a container here at the house left.

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Concetta said...

I had some and it IS yummy!