Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Things Creepy!

I've been lack in posting. What can I say? And, it's not likely to get a whole lot better in the near future. Have a lot going on in my life right now keeping me quite busy. On kind of a funny I am feeling guilt for not posting more often and yesterday I get a notification that someone is no longer following my blog because they think I post TOO often. LOL. Can't win either way.

But I do have several things to share today. And, as noted, this post is about all things creepy.

What is more creepy than little boys and their critters? This is my youngest son and a 'horned lizard' (we call them horney toads). As far as critters go, the horney toad has always been one of my favorite desert critters. Their colors allow them to blend in with their surrounding. Their babies are hatched from eggs. They are on their own from the moment of hatching. They eat ants (one of my favorite things about them other than how cool they look). And they protect themselves by puffing up to appear bigger than they are, blending in to their surroundings, and some species shoot blood from the ducts in the corner of their eyes.

On a card related note, my friend and I got together and created some Frankenstein cards. I decided to make a Happy Frankie and an Angry Frankie. It's amazing what a difference it makes just by changing the eyes and the mouth!

Here is Happy Frankie:

And here is Mad Frankie: (or as I've named him...Pissed Off Frankie)

Here they are side by side (so you can see his multiple personalities LOL)

Aren't they adorable? We used the 'Top Note' die to create the green card base. Then we used the same die and purple paper and trimmed either end for the hair. We used different size circle punches for the eyes. The nose is a label punch. All pieces were sponged with additional ink to give them more dimension. And the eyelids are attached with dimensional adhesive dots.

These have me thinking about Halloween ideas now!


Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

AWESOME !!! horny toad.

Love all your cards, it goes without saying.

I have been quiet on the blogging front too.

If you wanna emailme, you know I'm here for you.

Sparkle said...

These are just so cute! I think I like the mean one, lol.